Thursday, January 28, 2010

Empires-which do you like

Hello Peers,

For those of you in my 1st period history class, you may know that I had an disscussion with Mr. McGaughy about which empire was better, in terms of land, politics, and econimies-Rome or Britian. But I'am sure you have your own suggestions for the best empire in history. If you do, post hear. Please state your reasons for thinking this. I will follow up with a debate.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

High School-It is coming

Hello everyone. I was just wondering if anyone has an idea of some of the honors classes, if any, you will be taking next year. For myself, I want to take honors history and honors English, my foreign language being Latin. If anyone has any ideas, post here.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rome history Project

Dear peers,

Hope everything is well. Now, if you have questions on your project, historically related that is, post hear. If you have a question that is bugging you, or just want to discuss your topics with me or your peers, I will be happy to help.


New Friends

Hello. If I handed you a slip of paper with this blog address on it, congratulations, you have been accepted above all other people to blog on this site. Not really. The truth is that I have been dying for friends on this site since it was launched back in April of 2009! So, this is a chance for you to post comments and questions about me, school, and my work on this site. I have been writing on historical topics, particularly Medieval England under the kings, Edward III and Henry V, but I'm probably going to broaden into Roman, American, Asian, and European history, that is if I get enough people to view the site. If you have pictures to ask me to post or comments to say, or questions to ask, please click the heading above and simply post. I check the blog hourly. Hope to hear from you soon

All the Best
Dr. Taylor Kniphfer
Professor of history(in the future)