Thursday, January 28, 2010

Empires-which do you like

Hello Peers,

For those of you in my 1st period history class, you may know that I had an disscussion with Mr. McGaughy about which empire was better, in terms of land, politics, and econimies-Rome or Britian. But I'am sure you have your own suggestions for the best empire in history. If you do, post hear. Please state your reasons for thinking this. I will follow up with a debate.



Jared said...

I beleive that the Roman empire had a more controlled empire as to the Brits that had such a large empire it was hard to control but there could be more specific aspects you could mention but this I beleive would make a good debate.

Taylor Kniphfer said...

Nice start to a debate Jared. Well said that Rome had a controled empire. But let me say that Rome lost control of the empire more than England lost control of it. In the 3rd Century AD for example two parts of the Roman empire broke away from the original empire an dhad to be reconquered. Yes, in 1857, India did rebel against Britain, but the British did not lose it, and in the end, Britian gave India back to its people. It wasn't taken from the empire as many Roman territories were. So I would say that Britain had more control of its empire than Rome did at some points